Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration 《公開接受提名》 INVITE NOMINATION

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THE Committee welcomes nominations for the award of Honorary Fellowships and Designations for those who have exemplary contributions to a specific field or to society.

The Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration (CCIBA) was incorporated by Letters Patent in 1990 under provisions of the Canadian Law. The selection criteria will be based on leadership (20%), profession (20%), achievements (20%) and social responsibility (40 %).

Nominations may be submitted at any time and will be carried forward for consideration at the next available meeting of the Committee. Nominations should be submitted via

《 Statement of Facts 》
1.    We are proud of having several Nobel Laureates appointed as the Honorary Life Chancellors of Asian Collage of Knowledge Management. The certificate of appointment was presented during each official ceremony with video record.
2.    It should be noted that CCIBA is a professional body but not university, which does not need a campus, like many other professional bodies that use P.O. Box or accounting firms as mailing addresses, which would not affect their professional status.
3.    Every institution have the right to confer honorary awards or titles, including the government agency, church, profit making organization, or university. The honorary doctorates awarded by any universities are not academic degrees, they are only honorary titles. Therefore, honorary titles should never be listed on one’s resume under education, it should be listed under awards.
Any news and reporting information that deviate from the above facts causing the damage to the reputation of ACKM should be stopped. We reserve the right to take appropriate actions (including legal actions) over any publication of untrue, inaccurate or misleading news, reports or statements that cause damage to our reputation 

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